Sorry to be an inconvenience to anyone,

Moving forward, the event will have a required updated Contract for Vendors / Exhibitors for our upcoming event. The updated contract includes the request for a Certificate of Insurance which can be obtained by your insurance company for the above dates of our event.

Please have the Shannock Valley Community Festival listed as an additional insured for the SVCFestival event dates. Also, another thing to look out for is the Offense Screening Certification form that will need to be completed along with the contract for each Vendor/Exhibitors clearance during the event while attending the festival grounds.

Please keep all pages attached together when returning your contract. So sorry for a little extra paperwork being involved. Hope it will not take but a couple extra minutes to fill out each form, attach the Certificate of Insurance and return to the address on the application/contract.

Thank you so much for you patience, understanding and regard,

The SVCFestival Committee, Volunteers and safety of our Community

We are pleased to pull this wonderful event together for everyone to enjoy!